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Poll Shows Over 66 Percent Of Fans Support Regulated Sports Betting In US

With Super Bowl fever peaking the age old question of legalized sports betting has popped up again. While no everyone is aware that billions are wagered on sporting events like the Super Bowl whether legally or not, the debate over whether this should be an option to US payers nationwide is up again in the headlines.

Research gathered by the American Gaming Association has just been released. They AGA found that 80 percent of the people polled who were going to watch the Super Bowl said they would like to see a change to the existing sports betting laws and 66 percent said they believe the individual states should have the option to decide whether to offer sports betting or not.

The research was conducted over 800 interviews by the Mellman Group. When asked how legalized sports betting would affect the integrity of the games, sixty five percent said they believe it would strengthen the game and not affect the outcomes as many anti sports betting proponents fear.

AGA chairman Geoff Freeman said,” America’s passion for football is rivaled only by its enthusiasm for sports betting. Fans believe regulated sports betting enhances the game experience, deepens their engagement with their favorite athletes and teams and protects the integrity of games.”

According to estimates from the AGA over $4.2 billion will be wagered on the Super Bowl 50 alone and only around 3 percent of that will be legal. This of course is denying the states a major cash generating cow which could deliver much need additional funds should sports betting be allowed to operate.

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