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Poll Shows 48 Percent of Americans Support Legalizing Sports Betting

The current state of sports betting in the U.S. is an anomaly to many outsiders. While currently only legal in four states the reality is that DFS is that millions wager on sports whether it be though DFS or other illegal channels. The calls to legalize sports betting have got much louder in the last few years with endorsement from some of the leafing sports bodies like the NBA who in the past were adamantly opposed to any legalization.

The pragmatic approach is catching on and most Americans seems to support this. A new poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind found that 48 percent of Americans support changing federal aw to allow sports betting on a nationwide basis with only 39 percent opposing this.

Gov. Chris Christie in the state of New Jersey has lead the battle to legalize sport betting and is still embroiled in an epic legal battle that has been ongoing for year. This latest poll was conducted on 1,019 adults. Most of the 48 percent of people polled who supported legalization stated that the main reason was simply due to the fact that people are already wagering in any event. Opponents to the legalization of sports betting cite the normal reasons including the fear of gambling addiction, possible involvement of organized crime and the integrity of the game being compromised.

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