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Pokies Under Fire In South Australia

Pokies are highly popular the world over with many choosing the thrill of spin the reels as their first gaming option. Down under pokies are as popular as anywhere else. In fact so much so that some gambling critics are calling for measures to limit the amount of machines. The South Australian Government is looking to reduce the amount of machines in an effort to reduce problem gambling.

Pokies have been around South Australia since the 1990s and there have been promises by the Parliament going back to 2004 in which they promised to remove hundreds of poker machines.

In terms of the proposed changes there will be two categories for venues, either the “major” or the “minor”.  The “Major” category will mean a 60-machine limit with stricter regulations and a “minor” category with a 20-machine limit.

Any venue defined as a “major” one would have built-in systems which are aimed at reducing problematic gambling while the “minor” venues would simply offer gambling as part of their food and drinks provision. These new measures are in effect would be the strictest applied to casino across Australia, Deputy premier John Rau summed up the thinking behind the proposed changes,” All of the studies have demonstrated that the number of venues is a critical factor. This will achieve a reduction in the number of venue.” These latest changes are part of an overall plan by the Government to remove over 800 poker machines by the year 2017.

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