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PLI Urges Irish Government To Regulate Private Online Lottery Companies

The popularity of insurance based online lottery companies like lottoland and MultiLotto have caused a lot of problems for the established lottery operators that until recently have enjoyed somewhat of a monopoly.

Our team had covered the major media wars in Australia between Tatts Group and Lottoland where it is all out war over what many perceive as a legitimate gripe by state regulated operators. The latest body to join the fray is the Irish National Lottery Operators Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI) who have accused online lottery operators like Lottoland as “parasitic online gambling operators.

PLI like Tatts in Australia are accusing these online gambling operator of exploiting loopholes in the law and of deliberately misleading players by using identical lottery names like EuroMillions and Lotto to entice players.

More concerning is that these lotteries are not contributing anything to good cases which many players are unaware of. The PLI is urging the Irish government to pass legislation based on the UK model which forbids wagers on the national draw in an attempt to prevent tens of millions of pounds getting lost to these online gambling/lottery operators.

A spokesman for the PLI explained their grievances with these unregulated online lottery provides and said,” The National Lottery is concerned at the growth of unregulated, offshore, bet-on-lottery operators over the last 18 months. The parasitic activities of these lotteries are posing a serious threat to the National Lottery, and in turn the millions raised annually for good causes.”

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