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Playtech CEO Sees Opportunity For Sports Betting To Replace FOBTs

The pending crackdown on fixed odds betting terminal (FOBTs) has got many concerned as the ramification for major bookmakers is significant. The main issue that will affect the bottom line of bookmakers like Willian Hill and Ladbrokes is the planned maximum wage limit that could be reduced from £100 to as little as £2 according to reports.

While some see only the negative impact of such a move, many interested parties see a potential positive impact as there will be other options that punters look to. According to Playtech CEO Mor Weizer who heads the company that is responsible for the software that runs these controversial machines said that companies would now possibly exploit a legal loophole to replace the lucrative FOBTs with sports betting machines which currently are not subject to any limits.

In an interview with Reuters, Weizer said, “I believe that if FOBTs would be impacted, self-service betting terminals (SSBTs), a similar machine for sporting results, would enjoy additional benefits,” he told Reuters in an interview. There is no restriction on the number of machines you can have at a shop.”

As reported companies like William Hill and Ladbrokes have already warned of the possible effects of a drastic maximum bet on FOBTs which would include job losses and closing of shops.

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