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Plans To Allow NFL Fans To Bet At Las Vegas Raiders Stadium

We reported earlier on the Raiders moving their franchise to Las Vegas, The $1.9 billion stadium that will house 65,000 people plans to offer fans the ability to place bets from their phones while in the stadium.

Betting in sports on mobile apps in Nevada is nothing new as it has been permitted as long as players are within state lines.

The news is good for the Raiders and follows their lease agreement been approved last week. This is set to be ratified by NFL owners at this week’s spring meeting in Chicago.

The question is now if the NFL will try and block fans placing bets within the stadium by using geolocation technology. In terms of the lease the language is clear and prohibits,” any Gaming or Gambling, the maintaining or operating of a Gaming Establishment and/or sports wagering or any wagering on racing or other non-sports events.”

Mobile gaming is not mentioned and given the fact that mobile sports betting app shave been around Nevada for a while means that this in-stadium betting option should not be a problem.

In a statement NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy was vague and only said that the Raiders were” required to abide by League rules on the matter,”

According to Nevada Gaming Commissioner Chairman Tony Alamo the NFL has yet to approach them on the issue. He also told ESPN that,” The Nevada Gaming Commission is the policy maker for the state of Nevada and gaming, and they have not approached us in any shape, way or form.”

It remains to be seen if by the opening of the stadium which is expected in 2020, this issue gets resolved.

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