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PGA Tour Partners With Genius Sports To Combat Illegal Gambling Activity

There are no shortages of prominent sport players getting themselves into trouble with alleged insider gambling. The temptations for prominent professional sportsmen is huge as the sports betting market generates billions of dollars. Most professional sporting bodies have or are having to implement very strict policies to ensure that the integrity of the gams is  maintained and that the outcome or results of the match remains uninfluenced.

On Monday one such body the PGA announced that they will be implanting a more comprehensive gambling policy as of 2018 in order to monitor any irregular activity. Currently players on the PGA Tour are already banned from gambling but the new measures proposed in terms of the Integrity Program will include just about anyone related to the tournament including support staff, and even volunteers.

The London Based Genius Sports who are leaders in sports integrity services will identify and monitor suspicious activity.

The PGA Tour Competition see honesty and integrity as key to their competition Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan went on to say,” We recognise, however, that no sport is fully immune from the potential influence of gambling. So, we felt it was important to move forward with an Integrity Program to further protect our competition from betting-related issues.”

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