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Pennsylvania Legislators File Anti-Online Gambling Bill

Pennsylvania is widely considered the next U.S state to possibly legalize online gambling. While there are many supporters of the idea, there are pockets of resistance and even anti-online gambling proponents. Last week Friday saw the HB 801 bill introduced in the PA House of Representatives, Five republicans headed by Rep. Thomas Murt introduced the HB 801 Bill that would prohibit and criminalize internet gambling in the state of Pennsylvania.

According to the proposed legislation the “board shall not promulgate rules and regulations allowing any form of Internet gambling.”

In addition the bill would also criminalize internet gambling in the Keystone state and states,” No individual or entity shall solicit, invite, collect or accept cash or any other form of currency through the Internet for the purposes of wagering or betting. No individual or entity shall organize, or cause to be organized, any type of gambling event that is held over the Internet.”

The penalties for violating the bill would entail an escalation after each offense. The first offense would be $300, followed by $600 for a second offence along with up to three days in jail.

This is not the first time anti online gambling legislation has been introduced in Pennsylvania. Back in 2014 Rep. Mario Scavello introduced a similar bill. Interestingly enough Rep. Mario Scavello is now the chairman of the Senate CERD Committee and he will be playing a leading role in crafting of the state’s igaming bill which he supports in order to close the state budget shortfall.

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