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Paddy Power Under Fire For Staged World Cup Advert

Paddy Power are no strangers to “guerrilla marketing” and are always looking to get themselves media hype. The old saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity certainly rings true for Paddy Power’s marketing gurus.

We have reported on some of their marketing stunts before so it comes as no surprise that their latest marketing moves once again has got a lot of media attention. Paddy Power launched an ad this week featuring a Russian speaking man spray painting an England flag and Paddy Power branding on a sleeping polar bear. Needless to say this led to swift reaction on Twitter by many who called the ad both “awful and offensive”.

In response Paddy Power revealed that no all is as it seems.  In fact the polar bear was never spray painted with anything and it was all a matter of staged visual effects. The polar bear in question was also privately owned one who is called Agee. Paddy Power carefully filmed footage of the Agee and then added the spray painting effects with a company called Framestore.

Paddy Power admitted to their mischievous ad and of course were wanting to “create some carnage.” However they added that the will be donating a large sum of money to Polar Bears International who are responsible for researching Russian polar bears and the effects climate change is having on them.

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