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Paddy Power Ends Bromance Between Dennis Rodman And Kim Jong-Un

Gambling companies spend millions in marketing and advertising campaigns. They are often some of the raciest and interesting campaigns as gambling appeals to those looking for the glitz and glamor of opulent lifestyles that a big win would ensure.

Many times celebrities and sports stars are enlisted to promote global brands to a wider audience. One of the most intriguing endorsements has got to be that of the Irish Paddy Power who somehow managed to team up with Dennis Rodman. Anyone around in the heydays of the Chicago Bulls will remember two players in particular, that of Michael Jordan and the controversial Dennis Rodman. If controversy is what Paddy power were seeking when sponsoring Rodman then they surely have got their money’s worth. There are few scenes more bizarre than seeing Rodman shake the hand of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un with a cap emblazoned with the logo of Paddy Power.

This surreal friendship between the eccentric Rodman and the unstable dictator Kim Kong-un has led to Rodman becoming one of the only Americans who have visited and become a friend of the unpredictable Kim Jong-un.

While many were amused at seeing Paddy Power in what has got to be the most unusual ad campaign ever, the harsh reality of North Korea’s politics has finally caught up with them. After having his own uncle executed for offenses including womanizing and gambling no less, Paddy Power were forced to cease their sponsorship of Rodman’s visits to North Korea after “a reaction to the worldwide focus and total condemnation of the North Korean regime over recent events.”

We look forward to seeing what Paddy Power has planned for the future for their marketing plans. Perhaps a sponsorship of sports illustrated models wearing tiny green Paddy Power branded bikinis to Iran would be a better bet than Kim Jong-un. When all is said and done one has got to ask what the hell were they thinking?

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