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Online And Mobile Gambling Booming In UK

Online gambling and mobile gambling in particular has never been so popular in the UK as it is now. In a report published in Gaming Sector Report and commissioned by search engine marketing company Greenlight, this trend was confirmed as it found that over $4 billion is spent on online gambling which is an increase of 80% from that of 2008. A large reason for this steady growth is without a doubt the proliferation of mobile devices and such as tablets and smartphones. Jokes aside the online gambling world owes a lot to the Apple with tits iPhone launch in 2007 as this started the mobile revolution which in essence means that all of us can walk around with portable casinos in our pockets.

Smartphones are no longer the luxury of a few but are readily available for the masses. This would explain why Britain’s largest bookmaker William Hill has had over 1 million downloads of their app which was only launched 18 months ago. Sports betting for them has benefited the most from mobile gambling as over 38% of sports bets were place on mobile devices in the app’s first year.

Another interesting finding was the search engine queries for gambling related keywords. Queries like “bingo”, “poker”, “casino” and “sports betting” reached 1.5 million in June but dropped to 995,830 in July. The most queried keywords were “casino” with 35%, “Sports betting” with 31%, “Bingo” 18% and poker with 16%.
The transition from online gambling to mobile gambling is happening at a rapid pace. There is no large gaming operator that is not making mobile gaming their priority as this is the way most of us will conduct our online activities in the future.

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