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Oil Executive Steals To Fund FertilityTreatment By Gambling Online

A 41 year-old oil executive Shelly Reilly has been jailed for 18 months after she got caught up in a web of lies that involved online gambling sites. She is accused of losing £250,000 at online gambling sites that include 888 and Jackpot Joy and using the funds of her employer. The tragic part of the story is the reason she resorted to stealing and gambling. This was in an effort to fund fertility treatment which she knew at her age would have to be funded independently of the NHS.

Reilly was a director at Monaco-based oil broker Scorpio UK. The whole gambling saga lasted about ten months. Reilly got hooked into chasing her losses by gambling even more and being lured into offers of free bets. She stole not only from her company but also from credit cards belonging to co-workers. The judge was harsh in his words when dishing out punishment,” You were in a position to exploit the company resources and you took that opportunity. Your behaviour was deplorable and deeply anti-social.”

Reilly was exposed after being sacked for poor performance and the company conducted an audit, Here they found irregular “late night activities” where Reilly was engaging in late night online gambling sessions. In an attempt to lessen the crime and punishment her barrister Paul Spreadborough tried to use the “robbing Peter to pay Paul” argument. He added that the defendant was desperate to finance her fertility treatment and had exhausted all other avenues with no success.

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