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Ohio Considers DFS Regulation Again

The status of DFS in the state of Ohio is once again under the spotlight. Senator Bill Coley introduced the SB 356 bill that looks to classify DFS as a game of chance and not skill which opens up the door for a lot of problems for DraftKings and FanDuel.

In terms of the bill DFS sites will fall under the authority of the Ohio Casino Control Commission which opens them up to regulation by the state regulator.

Coley’s SB 356 Bill is also problematic for DFS operators as it makes it illegal for them not to return 100 percent of entry fees to players in a contest. Coley also stated that this would also apply to eSports.

Needless to say both FanDuel and DraftKings were not impressed by Coley’s interpretation of the law and released a joint statement saying that they are working on updating Ohio’s laws to reflect the changes in technology.

Spokesman for the two companies, Marc La Vorgna said,” Sen. Coley is completely on an island — isolated from Ohioans who love fantasy sports and isolated from his caucus where he has no support for his attempt to ban fantasy sports. Just this year, eight states have already passed laws affirming millions of fantasy sports fans can continue to play. These policies have been vetted, proven and established and we hope Ohio is the next state on the list.”

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