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Number of DFS Players in North America rises 3.3 Percent to nearly 60 Million

The daily fantasy sports market in North America has had a roller coaster ride in the last few years. What was once largely an unregulated real money industry has now become one of the most scrutinized sectors in the gaming world.

The “glory days” of DraftKings and FanDuel being allowed to operate unhindered under the guise of offering skill based games are now over with most conceding that it DFS is just another form of real money sports betting. Once would think that the turmoil in the last few years would have put a dampener on the industry but statistics from the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) show the opposite with a record 59.3 million people engaging in DFS this year in comparison to the 57.4 million last year.

This 3.3 percent increase is interesting taking into consideration that in 2009 there were only 28.4 million players involved in DFS.

The DFS industry along with the ancillary revenues around it generates around $7.22 billion which includes the traditional draft partied and food associated with the sports.

This survey was conducted in two phases, the first between March 1-6  in Canada and the second between May 30- June 1 in the U.S.

FSTA president Paul Charchian elaborated on the survey findings and said,” The fantasy sports industry’s continuing growth demonstrates consumers’ passion for the hobby and their desire to play with friends and family. We continue to see innovation that broadens the appeal of fantasy sports and data that shows tremendous gains in the scale of participation and economic impact.”

In terms of demographics DFS is still largely dominated by males with 71 percent and females only make up 29 percent. The main sports dominating DFS remains football with nearly two thirds of leagues being made up fantasy players associated with football related leagues and groups.

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