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NSW Government Reportedly Set To Place Restrictions On Synthetic Lotteries Like Lottoland

Gibraltar based online lottery operator Lottoland is under increasing pressure in Australia as an imminent crackdown is on the horizon. It is been reported that the NSW Government is set to announce it “will take steps to restrict the operation of synthetic lotteries”. As we reported local lottery operators as well as newsagents are fiercely opposing lottoland and claim that they are having a severe impact on small businesses and local governments alike.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro was clear in his intentions and stated that the government would stand up for local businesses and consumers. He went on to voice what many critics of lottoland have been saying.” He added that he doubted many would uses online lottery services offered by Lottoland if they fully understood the model they worked on.

Dubbing Lottoland operators as “synthetic lotteries” Barilaro said,” Our concern is that many customers buy tickets in a synthetic lottery, believing they’re entering a lottery, when in fact they are instead betting on the outcome of that lottery. A domestic lottery has a guaranteed prize pool, and is bound by strict terms and conditions and robust regulations. A synthetic lottery, on the other hand, is no more than online gambling,”

Adding to the ominous warnings toward lottoland, Racing Minister Pau Tolle confirmed that the government was indeed looking at methods to restrict synthetic lotteries. He was quoted as saying, “The conduct of synthetic lottery operators may breach existing wagering legislation and the NSW Government is currently assessing options to determine the most effective approach to restrict betting on these lotteries in NSW.”

NSW is the not first state down under who have declared they will look into restricting Lottoland’s activities. Both Victoria and Western Australia have announced they would be moving towards restrictions.  Queensland is also set to be closely monitoring the situation.

Lottoland who are licensed to operate in the Northern Territory are well aware of the mood and have themselves suggested paying a point of consumption tax that would give the local governments an estimated $50m in the first five years. A spokesman for Lottoland even came up with a punchline that said , “ don’t ban us, tax us.”

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