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NSW Gaming Minister Under Fire For Delaying Report On Problem Pokies

The controversy in the UK over fixed odds betting terminals is well publicized and is a major political hot potato. The issue of problem gambling is a concern for all governments as the effects of irresponsible gambling are devastating to many communities who can least afford it. As we have reported the Aussies are the most prolific gamblers on the planet so problem gambling is also a major issue being tackled by the government.

With this in mind a NSW government minister Paul Toole who is the Gaming Minister has come under fire for releasing a report which exposed the dangers of pokes almost two years after it was completed.

The report which was completed by the University of Sydney’s gambling treatment and research clinic had some damning findings regarding pokie players. According to the report Pokie players featured prominently when it came to gamblers seeking treatment and report higher frequencies of health related issues.

While Toole said that the report would provide vital insights into understanding of gambling participation and behavior including the type and level of harm in various regions, the author of the report had raised questions as to the delay of the report.

Toole in response to the long delay said that it was necessary as the “report made a number of legislative, regulatory and policy recommendations which needed be to clarified and further considered by Liquor & Gaming NSW. It was important the government gave due regard to these issues as part of an extensive process of evaluation. Once this had all occurred, the report was released without delay.”

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