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North Korean Regime Earning Millions From Illegal Gambling Programs And Sites

According to reports coming out of South Korea, the North Korean regime is earning nearly $1 billion annually from illegal gambling sites as well as operating gambling sites under the names of foreign nationals. This startling claim was made by the head of the Korea Institute of Liberal Democracy, Yoo Dong-ryol.

North Korea is in desperate need for capital as international sanctions hinder their ability to generate revenues. It is here that they circumvent these sanctions by selling illegal gambling programs and engaging in cyber theft and hacking. Speaking at the annual security conference hosted by the military’s Defense Security Command and Defense Research Institute, Yoo said,” The North is operating tens of hubs in China and Southeast Asia, where crackdowns are relatively weak, to earn foreign currency. It is earning about 1 trillion won a year by developing and selling illegal gambling programs, operating gambling sites using names of foreign nationals and stealing cyber money through hacking.”

These illegal gambling programs are sold to the highest bidder including operators in South Korea who in 2012 and 2013 were caught using North Koreas programs to operate illegal gambling sites. To make matters worse the North Koreans are embedding malicious code in these programs and are used for cyber attacks and even cyber terrorism according to the report.

The scope of the problem is huge as Yoo believes that there are over 6,800 hackers involved with over 20 cyber operations units operating under North Korean guidance. Yoo went on to say that the cyber threat posed by North Korea is nothing short if a military tactic to attack South Korea and that,” We must create a cyber security law to establish the legal ground for online searches and seizures and revise the military criminal law to reinforce cyber security.”

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