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NIGA Wants In On Legal Sports Betting Market In U.S.

The list of various parties looking to capitalize on the possibility of sports betting being legalized in the U.S. is growing by the day. We already reported on some of these players looking to get in on the ground floor including the NBA, MLB and NFL. Not surprising the Native Indian Tribes are now voicing their concerns ahead of the pending decision by the Supreme Court.

At the recent National Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow and Convention in Las Vegas the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) passed a resolution which is set to ask Congress to above PASPA and in its place introduce legislation that would include all Indian tribes to also enjoy the benefits of offering legal sports betting in states where it would be legal to do so. They are insisting that “lawmakers should fully recognize and protect Indian gaming operations and satisfy the NIGA Principles of Sovereignty.”

NIGA is wary of a scenario where sports betting gets legalized for everyone expect Indian lands which are still prohibited from operating under the 1998 IGRA act. A member of the Bad River Bank Lake Superior Chippewa, Aurene Martin voiced what man Indian tribes fear in that there could well be a scenario where, “prohibition against the states is repealed but the prohibition against the tribes remains.“

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