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NFL Commissioner Wants Uniform Regulations for Sports Betting

We have reported in the last few years on the ever changing polices of the major sporting bodies like the NFL regarding legalizing sports betting. With the legalization a reality now there is going to be a lot of legal haggling as to the exact details of how this will happen on the ground.

In a statement released by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday he made it clear that the NFL wanted a federal framework to govern sports betting.  He reiterated the NFL’s traditional stance in that their main concern was to protect the integrity of the game as well fans.

The statement said,” As it was for my predecessors, there is no greater priority for me as the commissioner of the National Football League than protecting the integrity of our sport. Our fans, our players and our coaches deserve to know that we are doing everything possible to ensure no improper influences affect how the game is played on the field. This week’s ruling by the Supreme Court has no effect on that unwavering commitment.”

He went on to say that the NFL is prepared to approach the legalization of sports gaming in a thoughtful and comprehensive way but with substantial education and compliance trainings for  their clubs, partners and employees.

Goodell said that the NFL is asking Congress to enact uniform standards based on four core principles that include consumer protections, protection of intellectual property for clubs, ensuring fans have reliable access to league data and ensuring law enforcement have all the resources required for enforcement that would protect fans from bad players.

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