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Newsweek Accused Of Being Sheldon Adelson’s Mouthpiece

The U.S. online gambling debate has been in the media headlines since December 2011 when the Wire Act of 1961 was revised by U.S assistant attorney general Virginia Seitz. In essence she found that the prohibition detailed in the act only applied to online sports betting and not to online poker. Since then it had been in the scope of each individual U.S State to decide how to approach online gambling. Currently only the states of New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada offer some sort of legalized online gambling.

While the media and legal battle has brought out the worst in politicians and interested parties, the latest controversy is coming from an article posted in the respected Newsweek magazine this week.

Firstly I would recommend toy send the article to an objective reader without telling them it is from Newsweek. It’s safe bet that a large percentage of those reading it would think that that the author is none other than Sheldon Adelson himself or one of his cronies from his well- oiled lobby against online gambling. The backlash from the article has been fierce as it is rare to see such a blatantly one sided article on an issue which everyone would agree is one of the more complex topics around.

The article written by Sheldon Adelson,(oops! I meant Leah Mcrath Goodman) takes potshots at everyone from the U.S assistant attorney general Virginia Seitz to Caesars who are singled out for “special” attention.

Goodman goes on to question how such an inexperienced legalist like Virginia Seitz could have made such sweeping changes to a sensitive issue like online gambling. Another player that comes in for a grilling is not surprisingly one of Sheldon Adelson’s fiercest opponents and biggest supporters of legalizing online gambling. Caesars Entertainment Corporation with their social Slotomania are being accused of using free-to-play slots as nothing less than a Trojan horse to entice them to the real money versions. The article goes on to hammer Caesars who operate the highly popular World Series of Poker which attracts a younger audience who are bedazzled by the lifestyles of the high-flying poker stars.

PokerStars of course were also not spared the attentions of Goodman as the post goes into detail as to the nefarious past of the world’s largest online poker site. Needless to say the response from the pro online gambling camp has been swift with protests from the likes of John Pappas of the Poker Players Alliance who summed up what many thought of the one-sided piece of journalism,” “I’m not sure where I should begin. There are so many problems with this story. It is full of inaccuracies & twists of truth that it would take days to sift through them all. Most troubling though is that the reporter clearly only spoke to one side & then wrote a story. There has been a robust & ongoing debate on this issue & to only present one side is a failure in journalism.”

Time will tell if the millions spent by the likes of Sheldon Adelson will in fact have an impact on the legalizing of online gambling in the U.S. As we reported earlier this week it is far from certain that the anti-online gambling lobby will have enough momentum and power to pass a bill through the complex U.S. legislative prices.

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