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New Research Shows Why Aussies Remain Biggest Punters On The Planet

We have reported in the past on Australians been the biggest gamblers on the planet along with the largest addiction problem to boot. Add to this the fact the Australia also has the largest number of pokies per head of population and you can see why problem addiction is not going to disappear any time soon.

According to Associate Professor Charles Livingstone from Melbourne’s Monash University   the main reason punters turn to pokies is a result of the stress of daily living. Livingstone holds the opinion that “ pokies are designed to provide a dopamine rush, to give you a sense of wellbeing and euphoria that you aren’t finding anywhere else. Once you get hooked into a pokie habit, it’s not so much about the money anymore, it’s about getting into what the players call ‘the zone’

The fact the rewards are unpredictable in pokes means that punters will remain engaged and interested. The randomness of the spinning reels are what keeps players coming back for more as the rewards are unpredictable.

A more worrying but not unsurprising finding was that the location of pokies tended to be much heavier for those who live in the outer suburbs in metropolitan areas. The reality of a heavy concentration of pokies in areas that are facing socioeconomic problems is another factor that should be noted. This type of criticism is common in many other countries and still shows no signs of changing.

Professor Livingstone did offer a solution for the Government to look at with alternative revenues other than pokie taxes and submitted over 100 recommendations.

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