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New Jersey Takes Sports Betting Case To Supreme Court In Last Ditch Effort

The state of New Jersey has been fighting a legal battle to legalize sports betting in the Garden State for years now. In a last ditch attempt the case will be taken to the US Supreme Court. Senator Ray Lesniak announced on Tuesday that he will be taking the case for legalizing sports betting to the Supreme Court nearly two months after the Supreme Court rejected the 2014 attempts to offer legalized sports betting at the state’s racinos.

In an interview to ESPN reporter David Payne Purdum, Lesniak defiantly said,” Winning this fight for legal sports betting means hundreds of millions dollars in economic activity and saving thousands of jobs for New Jersey. I will fight the NFL all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. And I am,”

The chances of the Supreme Court granting Lesniak’s appeal are very low to say the least especially in light of the fact that only around 1 percent of the 7000-8000 cases filed annually are actually heard by the tribunal. Add to that the perception that the topic of sports betting is apparently not too important on the agenda according to those in the know.

The political aspects are of course very clear as Gov. Chris Christie has openly accused President Barack Obama of political appointments in the Supreme Court that are merely puppets of his policies. He has also pointed out what many agree with in that the professional sporting bodies like the NBA, NHL etc. are hypocrites as they openly do business with DFS operators but claim that legal sports betting will affect the integrity of professional sports. Christie is quick to point out the obvious in that people are betting on sports anyway, the only question is whether illegal sports bookies or the mafia enjoy the benefits instead of the state should if and when sports betting is legalized.

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