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New Jersey Online Gambling Operators Under Pressure To Create Jobs

The state of New Jersey is seen as the prototype for online gambling throughout the U.S. While it has only been up and running since November last year there are already big plans and expectations for the Garden State. While online gambling often gets a bad rap there is the very real aspect of job creation which is sorely needed in the struggling U.S. economy. We reported on New Jersey’s ambitious plan to expand online gambling to a global audience by allowing foreign gambling companies to operate within New Jersey.

Despite only starting four months ago operators in New Jersey are starting to feel the pressure of making good on promises made prior to the launch of internet gambling. There is a looming deadline coming up on May 1 in which all platform providers are required to base their teams who work in customer service, accounting and fraud detection in New Jersey. This is just one stipulation that operators will have to comply with as job creation is an essential part of why legislators supported legalizing online gambling.

The exact amount of jobs that New Jersey could create is unknown but with their plans to create a global hub of gambling, many believe that this number could exceed 20,000.

Online gambling supporters like the New Jersey lobbyist William J. Pascrell III re-iterated his optimism for New Jersey’s online gambling’s growth prospects,” New Jersey has already elapsed Nevada and Delaware’s markets, and we’re just scratching the surface. If New Jersey becomes a hub, the numbers will go up exponentially.”

The success or failure of New Jersey which is the largest online gambling market currently in the U.S. could well make or break the further expansion to other states. There is no shortage of anti-online gambling voices like that of Sheldon Adelson and his political lackeys who plan to introduce a bill that will re-instate the Wire Act of 1961.

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