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New Jersey Lawmakers Not Impressed With Sports Leagues Money Grab Attempts

The legal battle that the state of New Jersey has wagered over the last few years to get sports betting legalized in the Garden State has exposed many so called concerned officials as nothing more than money grabbers. This is blatantly clear when studying the flip flop approach of the major sporting bodies like the NBA, NFL and MLB.

Before the historic decision by the Supreme Court to rule that sports betting can be legalized by a state, the main opponents were the major sports leagues who continuously voiced concerns over the dangers of corrupting the integrity of the sports should legal wagering be allowed.

The state of New Jersey spent over 9 million dollars in their lengthy legal battle and payback for their opponents came swiftly when New Jersey lawmakers and professional sports leagues clashed over a bill that would legalize sports betting on Monday. The bill was presented to both Assembly and Senate committees on Monday with an eye to sending the final bill to Gov. Phil Murphy for approval by the end of this week.

Officials from the major sports leagues including the NBA, MLB and PGA Tour however opposed the bill as they claim that it lacks the necessary “tools” that will ensure that the games are portended from corruption. In addition the leagues are once again insisting on their “cut” of 0.25 percent with what they call an “integrity fee” on the amount gambled on their games. To justify this “blackmail money” the leagues claim they need it in order to monitor bets and investigations due to the expansion of sports betting.

New Jersey legislators however were not impressed by the demand and Assemblyman Ralph Caputo made it clear that the leagues will not be getting any cut of the revenues and that they were waiting their time. He went on to point out that Nevada which already legalized sports betting do not collect any integrity fee. Caputo did not mince his words and called out the leagues for their hypocrisy. He said,” The ‘tool’ you’re looking for is money, and that’s not going to happen. You might as well face that reality. As a suggestion, you might want to issue a check for $9 million to the state of New Jersey, just for good faith.”

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