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New Jersey Gets Backing of Five US States In US Supreme Court Appeal

New Jersey’s battle to legalize sports betting has been epic and is still underway. Gov. Chris Christie has been left to do all the heavy lifting until now while other states wait to see how the Garden State progresses.

As we have reported many times, there is widespread support among most Americans for the legalization of sports betting as most people realize that fans are going to wager irrespective of whether it is legal or not. Finally Gov. Christie has received some much needed legal help in his quest to legalize sports betting as five US states have sent their Attorney Generals to New Jersey to file an amicus petition before the US Supreme Court.

The five states is essence have asked the US Supreme Court to accept New Jersey’s request to be heard in its appeal to legalize sports betting. The filing was done by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey with the endorsement of his fellow AG’s from Louisiana, Mississippi, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

The only state to openly express a desire for legalizing sports betting is Mississippi while the others contend that the right to legalize sports betting should be in the hands to the individual states and that the federal government should not be mandating what individual states decide to make legal. It remains to be seen if the Supreme Court will hear the New Jersey Appeal. Most believe that the likelihood is very small but the backup of the five new states could be a turning factor.

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