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New Hampshire Lottery Powerball Winner Seeks Ruling To Maintain Her Anonymity

Winning a life changing sum in a lottery would be the ultimate fantasy for many of us. The reality however is that huge lottery wins have proven to be a nightmare for past winners who face  many problems that arise from people or even family looking to cash in on the win as well.

The New Hampshire Powerball lottery winner who won $559 million on the January 6 draw is doing everything in her power to avoid the lottery curse and by maintaining her anonymity. According to a report in the Daily Mail she is losing at least $14k per day just in interest while she waits for a judge to rule on her request to remain anonymous.

Her fears of exposing her identity are not unfounded as previous winners were murdered,driven to suicide and even lost their fortune. Currently under New Hampshire law every lottery winner has to disclose their name, town and prize amount won.

Her Attorney Steven Gordon pointed out that the matter needs to be settled as the interest lost per day due to the delay is costing his client $14k per day. According to reports she plans to remain in the state and contribute some of her money to charity.

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