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New Brain Research Could Offer Hope To Gambling Addicts

Most of us enjoy the odd flutter and it is perfectly harmless. However there is a small yet significant percentage of punters that do fall into this category. The age old question as to whether gambling addiction is a character flaw or something genetic is always fascinating to explore. As long as mankind has existed there has always been those amongst us who take unnecessary risks which most of us would not take.

Anyone who has ever gambled knows that many times we lose our ability to take a rational decision. The exact reasons as to why this happens to only some of us is the subject of recent research by Cambridge scientists led by Dr. Luke Clark. In this latest research the scientists concluded that there is a part of the brain called the insula which is the possible culprit for causing gambling addiction. This study could have far reaching ramifications as we could start treating the problem with drugs and start targeting areas of the brain that are responsible for gambling addiction.

The insula seems to be able to distort the thinking of some gamblers to believe that their odds of winning are greater than they actually are in reality. This results in gamblers taking irrational decisions which are costly in the end. The fact that study shoes that gambling addiction has a neurological basis is another step forward in preventing and tackling the growing problem.

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