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New ASBC Coalition To Join New Jersey In Sports Betting Legal Battle

The battle that that state of New Jersey is fighting for the last few years to get sports betting legalized in the state is seen as critical for the rest of the U.S.  Survey after survey shows that most Americans are in favor of legalizing sports betting on national level as it is taking place in any event.

The latest body to join the battle is the  American sports Betting Coalition  (ASBC) which just launched a campaign to end the federal ban on sports betting known as the PASPA which currently only permits Nevada to offer legal sports betting.

The ASBC campaign is being led by the America Gaming Association’s CEO Geoff Freeman. He explained this latest coalition partnership and said,” We are partnering with local and state elected officials, law enforcement and other diverse interests to tell Washington to get out of the way. Regulated sports betting is what fans want and sports integrity demands.”

The surveys we have reported on the last few years show clearly that public opinion is all for a pragmatic approach that will see regulation and legalization. Currently there are no controls on the estimated $150 billion illegal market. According to a recent study by Oxford Economics’ a legalized sports betting market on a federal level would create up to 152,000 jobs, create an estimated $26 billion in economic output and generate over $5 billion in tax revenues.

The ASBC is made up of a variety of people that include law enforcement officers, policymakers, industry leaders, states’ right advocates and other who believe that it is time to regulate the sports betting market in the U.S.

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