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Nevada Congresswoman Appeals To Trump To Ignore Efforts to Ban Online Gambling

Sheldon Adelson’s millions of dollars in contributions to the Republican Party have always been in the spotlight. Many accuse him outright of funding politicians based solely on his personal business interests and is known for asking for a return on his investments.

Adelson’s opposition to online gambling in the US is well known and is behind the Restoration of America’s Wire Act legislation that was introduced in 2015 and which is still sitting in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The issue has been raised again as ten Republican Attorney Generals have sent a letter to Vice President Elect Mike Pence asking him to reconsider the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) which would effectively ban all online gambling in the US except for daily fantasy sports and horse race betting.

Democratic congresswoman Dina Titus is appealing to President elect Donald Trump to oppose the ban on online gambling stating that the letter by the AG’s contains inaccuracies and unfair allegations. She cited Nevada as an example of where gambling can be effectively regulated and can be used as “the international gold standard.”

The argument form the AG’s is that online gambling resulted in addiction, suicide and even possibly financing terrorist networks. Titus is urging Trump to carefully evaluate the issue as hundreds of thousands of jobs that the gambling industry provides are at stake.

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