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Nevada Approves Gamblit Gaming’s Real Money Platform

Companies like Betable and CashBet are the answer to any software developer’s dreams. As we have discussed in the past the basic premise is that until recently the process of launching real money games was just too complicated and expensive for most gaming companies to even dream about.

Thanks to the services of Betable and CashBet, it is now not only possible but also relatively simple for nay gaming developer to convert their social games into a real money paying option.

In March we reported on another real money wagering platform Gamblit Gaming who seem to do what Betable and CashBet have been doing for a while. In a major step towards becoming a player in the merging U.S. online gaming market. They have just announced that they have secured approval to apply or a licence from the Nevada Gaming Commission.

They have been approved by the NGC as a licensed manufacturer and distribute of gaming devices as well as a manufacturer of interactive gaming systems and interactive gaming service provider. The licensing process is set to take up to a year after which they will be able to join the Nevada online gaming market.

Gamblit Gaming’s CEO Eric Meyhofer was delighted at the good news,” We have the utmost respect for the Nevada regulators and appreciate the credibility that comes with a gaming license from this great state,” Meyerhofer continued. “We look forward to being a part of the Nevada gaming industry.”

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