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NCAA Opposes Sports Betting Legalization

The pending sports betting legal case in New Jersey has occupied the news in the last few years and has shown the double standard of some of the largest sporting bodies in the U.S. While the NBA and MLB have flip flopped many times in the last few years, their latest approach seems to be that as long as they get their share of the loot they will support the legalization.

The overall argument of the major sports betting bodies has been that nay legalization of sports betting would affect the integrity of the sport.

In the latest news the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has come out in opposition to the legalization of sports betting. As it stands now New Jersey is spearheading the move to overturn the Federal PASPA act that in reality makes it illegal for government entities to operate or promote any gambling or wagering that is based on professional or amateur athletes.

Head of Lead1 Tom McMillen, a group composed of athletic directors from the NCAA Division said that the majority of members of the organization were not in favor of legalization, He said that 80% were surveyed and voiced their opposition to the idea,

As to be expected McMillen like all the other sporting bodies are hedging their bets to suit their own interests and said that while the NCAA has not declared their official position on the matter, there could be a scenario where if the courts determine sports betting to become legal, they the (NCAA) will deal with it.

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