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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Says “Gambling Is Good For Business”

One of the most unlikely advocates for legalizing sports betting in the U.S. is NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. We reported extensively on his dramatic turnaround towards supporting the nationwide legalization of sports betting.

He is adamant in his views and shows no sign of backing down, In an interview with WFAN’s “Boomer & Carton” he said what many outsiders have been saying for decades, ”It’s good for business, I don’t want to hide from that. Putting aside whether or not we’re actually actively involved in any of the betting, it creates more engagement. We all know as fans if you have, even like a gentleman’s bet or a $5 bet with your friend on a game, all of a sudden you’re a lot more interested.”

Silver further pointed out that gambling is taking place irrespective if it is legal or not. Up to $400 billion is wagered annually and this cash source is not being enjoyed by the leagues. Silver believes that the sports betting industry should be handled like they do in Europe where there is regulation and professional bodies that govern the industry.

Addressing the concerns of match fixing with sports betting, Silver explained that all the data is monitored and available. Should any unusual activity be taking place this could be addressed much like it is with tracking trading on stock exchanges.

He summed up the current debate by stating the simple questions that need to be addressed,” So first the issue for us is if all this betting is going to go on anyway, we should be able to monitor it. And then, No. 2, if all this betting activity is going to go on anyway, make it legal.”

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