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MP’s Demanding Answers From Camelot Over Falling Good Causes Revenues

National Lottery Operator Camelot is coming under fire from MP’s once again as they are been accused of making excess profits and giving less than expected to good causes.

Revenues for charities over the last year have fallen 15 percent which is largely due to lottery customers turning toward scratch cards and away from traditional draws.  Revenues from scratchcards that go to good causes are in the region of 10 percent while draw based revenues for good causes from draw-based games are in the region of 30 percent.

Critics are asking why Camelot has made more profit that what as planned in terms of their 2009 license while money to good causes did not reflect the same growth. Profits more than double between 2009/10 and 2016/17 to £71 million. In contrast profits to good causes in the same period only increased by 2 percent to £1.5 billion.

MP’s are demanding answers as to why there was no break clause in the 14-year contract with Camelot. As it stands the current contract cannot be changed despite soaring profits for Camelot. The current situation means that the primary objective of the National Lottery is under threat if no action is taken to remedy the situation.

Camelot responded by saying that they were working to maximize return to good causes and that during their third license period that annual returns to good causes have been higher than the previous licenses.

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