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MLB Bars Players From Entering Daily Fantasy Games

The debate over legal sports betting in the U.S. is becoming difficult to follow as the professional sporting bodies who have oppose it in the past are now singing multiple tunes. Anyone following the legal debate knows that New Jersey is in the midst of a legal battle to get sports betting legalized in the Garden State.

The main opponents to this idea are the professional sporting bodies like the NBA, NHL, MBL etc. The only slight problem with this is that the very bodies crying about the dangers of legal sports betting corrupting professional sports are making multi-million deals with real money fantasy sports betting companies like FanDuel and DraftKings.

It is difficult to argue that legal sports betting is in fact not available to those looking for it as both DraftKings and FanDuel are offering millions of dollars in real cash prizes. Earlier we reported on the extension of the partnership between the MLB and DraftKings.

It is now emerging that despite their  partnership with DraftKings, the MLB and the players’ association have agreed that players will be barred from participating in daily fantasy baseball games that have an element of a prize.

They will however be able to endorse these very same companies. Needless to say this duplicity is mind boggling and defies logical thinking. This latest development comes in light of commissioner for the MLB Rob Manfred stating at a IMG World Congress in California that he views daily sport betting in a another light than gambling but still forbids playing it for real prizes. Players caught doing so will face disciplinary action.

Daily Fantasy sports betting does not fall under the prohibition of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 as the games are based on skill and not luck. Manfred went on to maintain that the MLB has sought legal advice a long time ago regarding their partnership with DraftKings. He said,” There is a clear legal line and, quite frankly, we spent some considerable effort and money to make sure we knew where DraftKings is in relation to that line and we’re very comfortable with the idea that it’s fantasy. Having said that, fantasy is a very important method of engagement, particularly with younger people.”

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