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Mississippi Considering Creating State Lottery

Despite shunning the possibility of a state lottery, the state of Mississippi is now considering the option seriously. Governor Phil Bryant said recently that he would be open to a general discussion on the creation of a state lottery. Earlier this year there was an attempt in the Mississippi House of Representatives who voted for an amendment to Senate Bill 2542 that would have created a state lottery. This however was stripped and nothing came of the idea.

Governor Bryant did however layout conditions to the idea of a state lottery and said,” However, I would be opposed to this particular revenue being dedicated to specific expenses, such as public education. Our children’s future should not be left to a game of chance.”

The lottery could generate at least $160 million to state coffers annually and would offer state residents the option of purchasing lottery tickets in state instead of crossing state borders as they do now. The comments by Governor Bryant are significant as he is the first governor in 30 years to be open to such an idea. The last governor to attempt to get a state lottery created was Gov. Ray Mabus whose downfall was attributed to his push for a lottery in 1990.

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