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MGT Sports Teams Up With Vivid Entertainment In Daily Fantasy Sports Betting

The explosion of daily fantasy sports betting sites has been one of the trends to watch for in 2014 as the market is proving to be a multibillion dollar cash cow. In fact male audiences in 30’s age group are one of the most sought after online audiences as they have plenty of disposable income which they like to spend on anything that is fun.

One of these old age vices is adult websites which according to some enjoy more visitors than Amazon, Netflix and Twitter combined. This week saw one of the more interesting partnerships develop between daily sports betting and adult porn company Vivid Entertainment. The idea of adult entertainment combined with sports betting is not new. We reported on the likes of Strip Sports Betting in 2013 2hich made quite a stir at the time.

The owners of daily sports betting site, MGT Sports have partners with Vivid Entertainment to create a new sports gaming site called which will merge the worlds of adult entertainment and gambling. For many this combination is a natural fit as the audiences for both these industries is largely males in their 30’s.

Sports betting and in particular daily sports betting sites are enjoying boom times as major brands like USA Today and Sports Illustrated are amongst many looking to tap into their massive revenue generating sector.

The notion of using the millions of adult website users for sports betting is seemingly a winning idea as according to Vivid adult websites make about 30 percent of the internet bandwidth. MGT CEO Robert Ladd echoed this when he commented on the new partnership with Vivid,” We are deeply excited about working with a synergistic partner like Vivid. As over 80 percent of fantasy sports players are males with a mean age of 34 years, the demographics show we are addressing the same audience. The Vivid brand has been in existence for 30 years, and this partnership offers a dynamic opportunity for millions of Vivid fans to test their skill in the daily fantasy sports world.”

Vivid Entertainment co-chair Bill Asher was equally excited to use their audience to enter the sports betting market,” MGT Sports brings unequalled technical and operating know-how and we provide access and marketing experience to a loyal and enthusiastic fan base. Through and our other websites we will offer easy one-click access and the ability to promote the site through Vivid Radio and Vivid TV, as well as through our other marketing platforms. Daily fantasy sports gaming is a huge and fast-growing segment and we are pleased to be affiliated with a company that is leading its growth.”

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