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MGM Resorts Accused Of Stealing VIP Client Database In Maryland

The most valuable asset to any casino is their VIP clientele who are treated like royalty in return for the millions they spend. Needless to say any database of such VIP’s could be a game changer and is protected at all costs.

Competition in Maryland amongst casinos is fierce as gaming revenues rose 8.5 percent for the first six months of 2016 to $581 million. MGM Resorts is opening their National Harbor casino later this year and is now embroiled in a scandal that could be the plot of a Hollywood movie.

Maryland Live is accusing MGM of not only poaching three executives but also of obtaining over 3000 names of VIP’s that were allegedly downloaded by the newly appointed executives.

According to Maryland Live the scheme was thought up by MGM who knowingly hired these high ranking executives despite them having no-hire/non-compete clauses in their contrast with Maryland Live.

The alleged databases relate to the names and contacts of clients in the two top tier loyalty programs: Black Card and Chairman’s Club.

MGM resorts were quick to deny the allegations and put it down to a “thinly disguised attempt to stifle the competition.” Maryland Live has filed a lawsuit in the Baltimore Federal court where the tale of industrial espionage will be decided.

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