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Massachusetts Drafts Regulations On Arcade Style Slots

One of the main challenges facing the casino industry is adapting to the younger millennial audience who expect everything at a touch of a button. Traditional slots are being replaced by what looks and feels like state of the art console and arcade style games. Anyone walking the casino floor in Las Vegas would be forgiven for feeling they have walked into a gaming expo. The graphics and audio capabilities of some of the new slots machines are a far cry from the classic cherries and sevens on a 3 reel slot.

Added to this is the fact that many visiting casino hot spots like Las Vegas are expecting to be entertained in other ways when playing a slot machine. The idea of just pressing a button and waiting to see the result is not too appealing for the younger audience. To address this issue the idea of adding elements of skill to slots machines has been in the media for a while now as we reported last year.

The idea of adding a classic game like Pac Man or Space Invaders and basing a slot around it has gained traction. The concept of skill based slots is still new and is not expected to come into play for at least a year but various states in the US are already drafting regulations around the concept. The latest state to do so is that of Massachusetts where the Gaming Commission released their draft regulations this today.

The debate is heated with anti-gambling bodies claiming that these skill based slots are even more dangerous than regular slots as they blur the lines between gaming and wagering. The ideas of casino games developed around game classics like Angry Birds or Words with Friends is a controversial topic and is set to heat up if and when these games become a reality. The eight page proposal regarding the draft regulations in Massachusetts follows states like Nevada and New Jersey who have already addressed the issue with regulation.

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