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Man Finds Winning Lottery Ticket In Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

The chances of winning the lottery are remote to say the least. This however does not stop millions of us from purchasing lotto tickets as it appeals to the human instinct of hope which gets us through tough times. The story of a 27-year-old Marvin Martinez is one of the most remarkable stories of luck we have covered recently. This lucky immigrant from El Salvador came across a lottery scratch card that was discarded a month after Superstorm Sandy.

It was picked up by Martinez when he was cleaning up leaves last November after the storm. It turns out that the discarded lottery ticket was a winning $1 million jackpot bonanza. Following an extensive investigation the state gaming commission failed to identify the ticket as stolen or reported as missing and decided to award the landscaper with the dream prize of a lifetime.

Martinez is a worthy winner as he still lives with his mother in a damaged house from the storm. Despite having the Gods smile on him in dire times Martinez is keeping his feet on the ground and said that he would still continue to work six days a week. Martinez will walk away with $515,612 after taxes and deciding to take a lump sum.

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