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Macau Gambling Revenues Fall Short Of Analysts Forecasts In May

By most standards an increase in gambling revenues of 9.3 percent from the previous month would be more than acceptable. For the world’s largest gambling hub Macau this is considered below par. The former Portuguese colony and now the only region where Chinese can gambling raked in $4.05 billion for the month of May which was a 9.3 percent increase from April. Analyst however have come to expect a lot from Macau and they had forecasts of 13-15 percent.

We all know that Macau’s $45 billion generated in revenues in 2013 is the driving force of the upsurge in countries like Japan and even Mongolia in attempting to legalize gambling in one way or another.

Casino moguls like Sheldon Adelson are jumping at the opportunity to duplicate the Macau success story.  The entire Asian region contains one of the largest concentration of people on the globe and is potentially the most lucrative region in the casino world. It is no surprise to anyone that the likes of Adelson are throwing offers reaching $10 billion to get into the Japanese gambling market alone. Until mainland Chinese gamblers have other legal casino alternatives we can expect Macau to continue to produce impressive growth rates.

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