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Lottoland Woes Continue Down Under With Tasmania Announcing Plans To Ban Lotto Betting

The anti Lottoland sentiment down under shows no signs of relenting. Following New South Wales intention to prohibit fake or synthetic lotteries, the Tasmanian Government has announced to draw up legislation that will ban wagering on the outcome of lotteries. The model that Lottoland uses which is where players can be on the outcome of the lottery and not the lottery itself is not sitting well with Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association. Tasmania has 92 lottery outlets who are authorized to sell lottery tickets have raised concerns over Lottoland’s business model.

Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business, Trade and Red Tape Reduction Roger Jaensch stated that the Lottoland system was not welcome in Tasmania. The Australian Lottery and NewsAgents Association (ALNA) said that real lottery generated $30,6m in the Tasmania State lottery taxes in 2016-2017 which was used to find hospital, roads, schools and other infrastructure.

While Lottoland have tried to silence the critics by offering to pay some sort of point of consumption tax, the critics point out that there can be no scenario where traditional lotteries are  forced to operate and pay taxes while synthetic or fake lotteries like Lottoland are allowed to operate without giving anything back to the community.

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