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Lottoland’s Success Could Result In DFS-like Scrutiny and Crackdown

Our reports on Tatts Groups latest “ Lottoland’s Gotta Go!” campaign has caused a lot of hype and is seemingly just a small taste of what is yet to come.

Much like their counterparts in the UK, and Ireland Aussie lottery retailers are doing everything they can to ensure that private online lottery companies like Lottoland do not get “carte blanche” to cannibalize their markets without even having to give back a single penny to the community.

Lottoland of course refute the claims by traditional lotteries by saying that their disruptive model is attracting new audiences that would not normally play regular lotteries.

In response to the Tatts latest campaign, Lottoland are using Tatts Chairman Harry Boon’s own words from the Australian Financial Review. When discussing the possible merger between Tatts and Tabcorp Holdings, Boon himself was quotes as saying,” online lottery gambling firms such as Lottoland, as well as CrownBet’s Crown Lotto, had yet to take any market share from Tatts’ lottery business.”

Lottoland went on to say that they’re in essence they not only are not cannibalizing the local lottery market but in fact they are growing the lottery pie by bringing in a new audience to the market. It remains to be seen what new regulations will be imposed on Lottoland in Australia and the UK but it does remind one of the glory days of DFS operators DraftKings and FanDuel. For them their very success resulted in scrutiny of their business models which have since been regulated and amended to fit more in with regular gambling. The question of just how long online lottery operators like Lottoland will be allowed to enjoy the benefits of selling lottery tickets withoutbeing compelled by law to give back a portion of their profits remains to be seen.

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