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Lottoland Launches First Ever Bitcoin Lottery

Online lottery disruptor Lottoland prides itself on being innovative in the online lottery market and is always looking to market themselves according to the latest trends. Without a doubt the Bitcoin phenomena in the last year has been one of the most spectacular commodities to follow. The extreme fluctuations have literally many saying it is like a lottery or a casino in that you never know what the next day will bring. In the pace of a year the virtual currency has soared from £1k to over £12k and no one knows if this is a bubble and if so when it will pop.

The global frenzy for Bitcoin is what lottoland hopes to take advantage of. They have just launched the worlds’ first officially licenced Bitcoin lottery which is for 1,000 bitcoins which at the moment is around £12m pounds but could soar even higher depending on the currencie’s volatile fluctuations.

The Bitcoin lottery will be based on the result of the Spanish “Bonolotto” lottery which takes place daily from Monday to Saturday.

CEO of lottoland Nigel Birrel commented on their latest innovation to traditional lotteries,” Innovation is what drives everything we do at Lottoland. We are not afraid of experimenting and we never lose sight of what our customers want. Bitcoin Lotto is one of several major innovations that we have introduced in 2017 and that will see us further establish our business as a truly world leading operator in the lotto betting sector.”

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