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Lottoland Get Lease Of Life From Rival Newsagent Group NANA

Online lottery operator Lottoland have got their hands full in Australia if they are to continue operating there. As we reported the Australian Government is looking to ban companies like Lottoland who offer betting on the outcome of actual lotteries. In an attempt to gain the support of newsagents Lottoland offered a 20% revenue share to Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association (ALNA) which was rejected by them as a cheap publicity stand.

However rival newsagent group NANA the Newsagents Association of NSW and ACT has now opened the door with Lottoland for further discussions. In a statement NANA said that they will continue to negotiate with Lottoland with the aim of benefitting their members. They went on to say that they will not dismiss any genuine offer to work with Newsagents as this could cost their members millions of dollars in lost income.

Whether the offer made by Lottoland it NANA is different to that made to ALNA remains to be seen but from the positive comments it would seem so. A major factor been taken into account by NANA is the possibility of a monopoly been created by Tatts should other operators like Lottoland indeed be banned.

The group said in a statement,” Newsagents are sick and tired of being used as cannon fodder by the likes of Tatts Group Lotteries and associations that act as their mouthpiece.  NANA is working with those Newsagents to work out what will be best for them.”

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