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Lottoland Defiant Down Under Despite Synthetic Lotteries Been Banned

We have reported extensively on the attempts to get synthetic lotteries like Lottoland banned down under.  The media and marketing campaigns both from Lottoland’s side and from their competition has been as dirty as it gets. The stakes are high as Lottoland is seen as a major disruptive force to existing lottery operators in Australia. One of the main objections to “synthetic lotteries” has been the simple fact that they are cannibalizing the traditional lottery market without having to give back a single penny.

The money generated for good causes by lottery companies simply does not apply to Lottoland and this is resulting is a direct loss for communities who rely on good causes revenues to fund many social economic projects.

The proposed laws that are aimed at banning Lottoland have beeen passed in the federal parliament. This has left the Gibraltar-based seemingly with no options remaining to continue operations down under.

However Lottoland CEO Luke Brill was defiant and said that the company “well advanced” in finding alternative ways to continue offering their services to their 700,000 strong customer based. He also pointed out that the changes will only come into play in 2019 leaving plenty time to find a solution.

He went on to say,” We are here to stay and We will continue to innovate and adapt so that we can continue to provide our customers with the type of exciting and innovative products they have come to expect from us over the past two years.”

Author: Victor

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