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Lottoland Accuses Rivals Of Misleading Government

The Australian lottery market and in particular the online lottery sector has been in the headlines recently with private online operators like Lottoland creating a fury down under. We have reported on the anti Lottoland campaigns and the subsequent offers made by them to newsagents in an effort to block pending legislation that would block all lottery operators that offer betting on the outcome of a lottery and not the lottery itself.

In the latest mudslinging, Lottoland has accused it’s main rivals to their existence of misleading the public. Lottoland Australia CEO Luke Brill has called for a review by the Australian Government on their planned legislation that would ban online lottery betting. Lottoland claims to have proof that the newsagents misled the public regarding their true membership numbers.

Brill claims that the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association (ALNA) parent company was  “facing financial ruin” and misrepresented the government in their claims that they have over 4000 members when in fact they only have 707 paid members which id almost 80% less than their initial claim.

In addition Brill said that the ALNA were only helping Tatts to create a monopoly and were not acting in the interests of the public.

Not surprising the ALNA were quick to fight back and said that the latest Lottoland claims were “adding another string to their ruthless bow of propaganda and deception” and even accused Brill of twisting the facts. The ALNA also threatened legal action against Lottoland for spreading such rumors and stated that the documents submitted to the government reflect there being over 4,000 small business operating as lottery retailers.

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