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Lotto Betting Group Challenges Proposal To Ban Betting On EuroMillions UK

The decline in National Lottery income for good causes in 2016-2017 has resulted in proposals to ban betting on non-UK EuroMillions. The Digital, Culture , Media and Sport (DCMS) stated last November that they plan on banning betting in non UK EuroMillions in the same way as there is a ban on betting on existing UK National Lottery draws.

As we have reported in the past, the government is under growing pressure to block online lottery companies like Lottoland and MultiLotto that enable players to bet on the outcome of actual lotteries but these companies are not obligated in any way to return any revenues to good causes.

Some of the key players in these online lottery groups are being represented by the Lotto Betting Group and are urging the DCMS to halt on plans that will enforce a ban on betting on EuroMillions. The group that is made up of Lottoland, WorldLottery Club, and Multilotto believe that there is no evidence whatsoever to support the claim that  offering betting on the non-UK EuroMillions is having any statistical effect on the UK EuroMillions ticket sales.

The pending restriction is set to be introduced on April 6 and the Lotto Betting Group is asking the DCMS to suspend this legislative process. In addition they believe that the decision to implement such a ban was ,”irrational, in that is was unreasonable for the Secretary of State to impose a licence condition prohibiting betting on EuroMillions draws. The Lotto Betting Group believes that the decision to prohibit betting on non-UK EuroMillions draws was unjustified and was based on inconclusive evidence.”

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