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Lottery Fraudster Eddie Tipton Sentenced To Jail For Rigging Results

The integrity of lotteries not been rigged are essential in order to maintain the public’s trust in these billion dollar enterprises. If for some reason we believed that the system is rigged in favor of someone or some method, the chances of us spending money on purchasing tickets would be very low. While we all know that chance of winning are astronomical on any lottery, the belief that we have the same chance as the guy next to me is what keeps most of us coming back for more.

For a former Iowa Lottery employee the temptation was too strong and he devised a way to rig the lottery system in several states. The 54 year old Eddie Tipton who was a computer programmer in Multi State Lottery Association in Iowa managed to rig the system along with his brother that led to them winning multiple jackpots in several states. They duo were arrested for fraud in 2015. Last year in June he pleaded guilty to installing software that gave him the ability to rig certain lottery numbers to work in his favor starting way back in 2005.

The systems that were affected included Iowa, Colorado, Kansa, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. All in all the brothers won over $2 million in jackpots but in addition to jail sentences will have to pay back $3 million as part of their plea deal.

During his “ lucky streak “ Tipton built himself a lavish house that included a gym and movie theater. In a statement Tipton did show some sort of remorse and said,” It’s difficult even saying that with all the people I know behind me that I hurt, and I regret it, I’m sorry.”

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