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Locaid Teams Up With mobileStorm To Revolutionize Mobile Casino Gambling

Anyone looking around at a typical group of people these days will notice that almost everyone is interacting online with their mobile devices. The explosion of user-friendly smartphones and tablets has enabled us to go about our daily lives without being tied down to a computer at a desk. It is a growing reality that more and more people are abandoning the cumbersome computer for the readily available and pocket power of mobile devices.

The gambling industry is just one example of how in a matter of a few years, the whole perception of both gambling operators and punters have adopted to current technology trends. This has forced marketers to change their tactics and deliver highly targeted campaigns which know exactly where and what we are doing at all times. It has reached a level that casinos are able to offer you real time promotions and offers relevant to your exact location.

This geolocation service or location verification is set to take our gambling experience to a level we could only have dreamed of. A classic example is of a player who is walking along the Las Vegas strip. Here using geolocation technology the casino will provide the consumer offers and promotions which are able to be redeemed in his exact location. In a nutshell the right message at the right time and place is what can be offered.

The world’s largest LaaS (location-as-a-service) company Locaid is offering casinos the ability to inform the casino of the potential player’s exact location and thereby targeting them with offers that are precisely adapted to their customer’s needs.

A good example of Locaid’s cutting technology being utilized by marketing firms is evident with their just release partnership with mobileStorm Inc. who are a leading Communications Service Provider (CSP). MobileStorm Inc. has announced two products that with the help of Locaid will give mobile casino marketing a cutting edge. The products are Location-based SMS messaging and Appmail.

Location-based messaging will as we discussed above send only relative and precise information to mobile customers. Darren Withers, Head of Client Development & Casino Services summed up the service,” Location-based text messaging ensures that offers reach players when they are in a position to redeem them and provides them with proper incentives when they may need to travel from miles away.”

The second product is AppMail refines the casino app even more. In essence AppMail will install a unique inbox that is exclusive to the casino app. The mailbox will be embedded into the app and will send targeting campaigns which are guaranteed to be delivered to the player without being limited by the regular ISP’s mail system. Here again Withers expanded on the AppMail product,” Appmail is the next evolution in delivering offers to players. The pervasiveness of mobile apps is unstoppable. Having an inbox within a casino mobile app gives communication power back to casino properties who are currently at the mercy of the US Postal Service, Internet Service Providers and cell phone carriers when sending offers to valuable players and guests.”

It will be interesting to follow the likes of Locaid and mobileStorm as their services are becoming sought after by marketing firms who want to utilize cutting edge technology to deliver the ultimate personalized advertisement or offer to their customers.

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