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Live- Bet Offering Fantasy Sports Betting In Real Time

The Super Bowl is without a doubt one of the most commercial sporting events in the US and enjoys millions of global viewers. Anyone looking to for a platform to promote a sports related product knows that timing it with this mega event is the wisest marketing tactic.

One such player is game veteran Louis Castle who has released a HTML5 web app that is just in time for the Super Bowl. While DraftKings and FanDuel have delivered one day fantasy tournaments Castle has launched his game called Live-Bet which enables players to place virtual bets on live football games. Players get the chance to predict what is going to happen in a live game and more importantly they discover if their predictions are correct or not right away.

With Live-Bet players can bet virtual currency hundreds of times during a game and you get to compete against your friends on a live leaderboard. With over 45 states allowing fantasy sports betting and additional states like Washington looking to join the club, Live-Bet hopes to cash in on this ever growing sector. While currently only available in virtual form and to NFL, no need to guess as to where Castle is looking to go. Castle is well aware that the odds of sports betting being legalized in more states in the U.S. are pretty good and by establishing his brand with Live-Bet, he could well be on the ground floor when sports betting becomes legal.

The app is able to resolve wagers in real time due to technology supplied by Metric Gaming, who also supply real time tracking for real money gambling in Europe. Castle himself is chairman of Metric Gaming which strengthens the theory of his long term real money plans.

Currently Live- Bet enables players to compete against friends for bragging rights and players at the top of the leaderboards can even win real money rewards. The HTML5 app runs both on iOS and Android devices with players logging in via Facebook. Live-bet is an interesting startup to follow as they may well be positioned to become the next acquisition of the real powerhouses in the fantasy sports sector, FanDuel and DraftKings.

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